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22/06/2006 23:23:08   Derek   Has anybody found a good replacement cream "sticky back plastic" to redo the inner B posts? Mine are falling to pieces and in the short term I might take it all off and polish the paint. Can't get the range of Fablon you used to!  
23/06/2006 09:36:19   Jon   I had my headlining re-done and used the same material to re-cover the inner B posts. Seems to work OK, not suffered yet after 5 years of driving.  
23/06/2006 20:25:41   Derek   Thanks Jon, I've just looked at mine and headliner and the b-post cover are very similar so it's a good plan. Did they use adhesive or double sided tape to fix it? Hopefully the width of the roll will allow it to be done in one piece. Maybe 0.3m will do both, haven't measured it yet.  
23/06/2006 22:50:18   John Wood (Woody)   They used double sided tape. I have been pondering the same problem. One side has cracked with age. The side was painted red when the shell was repainted. However have not found a suitable replacement tape to match Saab's original. Use of glue tends to discolour the material if headlining is used. I have also thought of respraying the existing piece after repairs with a cream colour plastic spray paint.  
25/06/2006 21:24:17   Jon   There is special fabric double sided tape ideal for the job, most fitters have it.  

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