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27/06/2006 07:44:42   Steve   Hi Saaber's
My 96 has always run with normal temperature but just this last couple of weeks it has looked like it is runing hotter. However when I tap the temp gauge the needle sometimes returns to normal. I have also noticed that the needle jumps around a lot so I don't really know what temperature the engine is. Any idea what the problem is ?
The water level is good and a few months ago I flushed the sytem through and put fresh coolant in. There are no leaks that I can see.
Also - does anyone have an electric fan fitted - is it a good modification for a daily driver.  
27/06/2006 20:07:02   John Wood (Woody)   Check your temperature sender. Is the spade tight on it?
Not come across this one before.  
27/06/2006 21:49:31   James   My 96 does the same....temperature gauge is all over the place. Must clean up the spade...thanks Woody.  

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