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13/05/2003 21:58:30   melissa   i have been trying to buy a new back box for my 95..i say trying as so far i have had to send 6 back !from two different companies, it appears they use a standard section then bash it along one area, this pulls the metal away from the sides and makes it leak, so beware faulty exhausts..give em a good blow test before fitting, and does anyone know where i can get one that doesn't leak?  
14/05/2003 06:53:37   ian   Any idea who manufactured the boxes? The most recent rear box that I've bought came from EuroCarParts and was probably made by Bosal and I'm not aware of any problems with it. Whether Euro are still selling Bosal units I couldn't say as the centre pipe I got from them a couple of months ago was manufactured by some other outfit (possibly Finnish). I've found that the Bosal 'cow-horn'front boxes have a horrible habit of prematurely fracturing around the weld where the downpipe is joined to the collecting box.  
14/05/2003 18:38:13   Alec   Last time I checked you could still buy them from SAAB dealers. They are better quality and often cheaper than the aftermarket ones.  
16/05/2003 08:08:10   melissa   yes, all made by Bosal..whose most recent comments on the leaks is that the seams will seal up with carbon deposits once used..i am not that clued up on exhausts but I'm sure they shouldn't leak before you put them on!thanks for feedback  
16/05/2003 23:01:14   louis   I bought mine complete from V4-spares in london... fittings and all for about 170-180 quid...  
20/05/2003 21:52:09   melissa   decided what the hell and 129 gets a stainless back box delivered to my door with a lifetime, of the car, guarantee..roadrunner exhausts.. number in practical classics they laughed at the Bosal sealing theory.full system 270..mull on that one!  
20/05/2003 22:05:59   louis   Sorry but I got my info wrong it was the 'V4 restoration company' in London...  

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