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28/06/2006 14:05:31   Clive   In order to resolve some fuel supply problems I have had my tank professionally cleaned by Ribble Technology in Preston for a very reasonable 15.00. This has unblocked the outlet pipe which was the main cause of the fuel supply difficulties.

The process has also removed the black paint from the outside of the tank and left bare metal. Whilst the inside of the tank is steel and rusts, the outside appears to be made of possibly aluminium.

Does anyone know what the outside of the fuel tank is made of? I'm not sure if there is any need to repaint it as it doesn't look as if it will corrode.

Any advice/suggestions would be welcome.  
29/06/2006 16:45:27   Richard   Its all steel.  
29/06/2006 17:19:04   Steve   It's probably galvanised which can look like aluminium.
29/06/2006 18:29:50   Clive   Thanks for the replies. Steve, I think you have the answer when you say it's galvanised.


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