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03/07/2006 08:11:10   Steve   Morning Saaber's.
I bought an electric fan over the weekend to fit to my 96 just to give it a bit more cooling capability. I know it shouldn't be necessary but all the 96's I've owned have got hot at the height of summer, so I thought it would be worthwhile.
Anyway the fan works fine but the car still runs hot and when I felt the air coming off the radiator it was cool not warm as I expected.
So I took the radiator off and back flush it - nothing much came out.
I also took of the water pump (huge amounts of fun) to check that this was turning and the water was circulating but it all seemed fine. I haven't checked the thermostat but it is only about 9 months old.
The other thing I noticed is that at idle it get hot but then if I increase the RPM and hold it for about 15 secs, the temperature comes down a little - so it seems to be something to do with circulation.
Any ideas how I can improve things ??
03/07/2006 11:39:07   Derek   Running hot or overheating? High 80's here in the SE so if you can keep it out of the red while crawling in traffic you're doing fine!
If your pump is still off, check the back plate against which the pump rotor runs for corrosion. If very pitted it does reduce the efficiency of the pump, especially at low speeds. Can be refaced with JB Weld epoxy. Get the area as clean as possible and just put on enough to make it proud of the surface. That'll reduce the amount that you'll need to remove to make it level again.
Increase your tickover a bit to speed up the pump in traffic. Rebleed your system several times using the bleed on the heater box. Might be an obstinate air lock. The flow from the bleed at tickover should be continuous.
Recoring the rad with an extra row will be suggested and it may be needed in the end but the electric fan may be enough if you have a manual override.
Stay cool (hopefully).  
03/07/2006 20:30:33   ian   is it getting hot or is the guage faulty...try to get a digital reading off the block when it is reading hot  
04/07/2006 12:48:59   Richard   Just check your thermostat in a hot pan of water with a temp probe in it.
Do you get any water thown out of the expansion bottle?

I run 130bhp through a std rad with an extra core and even on very hot days the fan does not come on unless stuck in traffic. Infact keeping it warm enough in normal temperatures is a bigger problem.  
04/07/2006 19:34:40   Alistair   Also make sure you have bled the cooling system fully - the bleed nozzle on the side of the heater as suggested by Derek, to get all the air out. If not, it will get a tad warm...

Your rad may still be a bit blocked despite your flushing, that and the stat would be my next checks.  
04/07/2006 19:35:34   Alistair   Oooh, also check you don't have a weak hose on the back of the pump or to tha rad that collapses under low pressure, but expands with more pressure (higher revs).  
07/07/2006 08:21:48   Steve   Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the help.
I think the problem is the Thermostat. I've removed it and now the car is running a lot cooler (obviously).
I will try and get a replacement this weekend, but I need the car tonight so will run without a thermostat just for a day or 2.
Thanks again,
07/07/2006 11:34:42   Derek   Try and get an 83 one. You may have an 88 one, may not be marked with temp. Don't forget to fit it with the bridge piece (as a clock) 10 to 4 across the housing when the 2 adjacent bolt holes are at 9 to 3, viewed from front. Check in Haynes etc.
PS. I'm in the same boat and waiting for a thermostat to arrive from Elkparts. They are currently out of stock but should arrive in about 10 days.  

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