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04/07/2006 06:13:28   Nate Byerley   Looking at making an offer on a '65 Saab v4 that declares it's in good condition. Interior and exterior are excellent, haven't yet taken for a test. Anybody give a ballpark value?  
04/07/2006 10:34:04   Derek   V4's didn't start until '67. Maybe a '75?
It's a big ballpark! It maybe a looker but.... New,legal, MOT? Marginal rusty underneath cars can scrape through leaving you to pick up the bill for the next one. Clunky engine, noisy gearbox, clutch slipping or on it's way out? Need to to know more about the car to give you a figure but 300 to 3k might cover it! If you don't know the 96 find someone who does who'll check it out with you. There's probably someone near you, where ever you are, who'll give it a look over. They might even know the car. Good luck.  
04/07/2006 12:39:20   john   As Derek says hard to value I would say any genuinely roadworthy car should be worth at least 700 a truly mint low milage car maybe 4000 plus, check the buyers guide in the technical section of the website that will give you somewhere to start.  
04/07/2006 12:42:24   Richard   If its really good and everything is as new 2000 - 3000. Otherwise just scraping a mot 800.  

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