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09/07/2006 17:21:56   Simon C   When I go ove slightly bumpy ground - something on the car is rattling - it's an external noise and sounds as if something is loose - I've replaced the front and rear dampers and this has had no effect. I've tried manually bouncing the car when it's stationaery but it doesn't make any noise - I've even tried to drive along and stick my head out the window to work out if it's coming from the front or rear!?! But I can't work it out!  
09/07/2006 19:36:53   David   Could be the exhaust system - very difficult to make it rattle when syationary but driving over rough roads can do just that at the right frequency! Check all the brackets - especially the ones at the engine mounts - and make sure that nothing's touching (or close to bodywork) along the whole length of the exhaust system. PS: assume you're talking about a 95V4 - where did you get your new rear (lever arm) shocks? If you're talking about a 9-5 you're on the wrong forum!  
10/07/2006 11:34:24   Simon C   It is a V4, I noticed last night that both pig-nose rubbers weren't attached to the rear exhaust, but re-attaching them didn't make any difference. The noise sounds like there's something loose in the hubcaps!?!  
10/07/2006 11:54:15   Steve   My bonnet makes an annoying clang when going over bumps. There seems to be too much clearance between the rollers near on the back corners ahd the runners at the bulkhead.
Could this be the problem on your car ?
10/07/2006 13:05:28   Alistair   Ball joints, track rod ends, brake pads, calipers, spare wheel, tools in boot...the list is probably endless!  
10/07/2006 14:47:27   john   Front calipers definitely a likely culprit in my experience, after that as Alistair says could be lots of things.  
10/07/2006 19:23:09   Martien   Try, when driving on bumpy ground, to put a little pressure on your brake pedal. If the rattling noise stops, it's the hinge and friction point of the calipers you have to take apart. I had the same problem.
10/07/2006 20:19:56   John Wood (Woody)   V4 brakes can be problematic. Personally the front piston design means they need regular attention to stop the chrome from rusting. It is advisable to periodically remove the brake pads and wipe the exposed piston. It has to be accepted that it is an area easy to neglect and then the piston becomes corroded and then damages the seals next time you put new pads in. Always check that the spring at the pivot and the spring and bar at the top of the caliper are working correctly. The top bar which grips the mounting bracket often wears, the spring binds and then you start to get the chatter. If the bottom spring seizes and the bottom post gets worn you will get chatter and movement when braking.  
10/07/2006 23:56:53   Simon C   Thanks, I'd ruled out the brakes as it happened even under braking, but I'll check it out - the strange thing is it seems to be coming from the rear as well!?!  
16/07/2006 21:31:24   john n   When i worked for a saab dealer we had a 95 with a strange knock and we found the backing plates that rear shock absorbers bolt onto were loose on the body, worth a look. John  

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