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16/05/2003 11:39:19   helen   Hello,
Im off to steam and spares on saturday, to nosey round, (but my other half has confiscated my credit card!)see you there...Ive got a 96v4 delux (scandinavian edition)1967( photos on gallery page)and i've a badge missing on the glove box that id like to replace, does anyone know what should be there? it got a V4 badge , the large capital v with a small four inside it, but above it there are two holes about 1 inch apart.I've looked at loads of old brochures, but cant see what it should be. A saab logo or maybe the twin prop engine symbol? Any body out there know?
16/05/2003 23:07:34   louis   All I can say is that u should prepare next month's salary as badges logos etc are the most expensive parts in my experience, the ones that are the dearest here in Switzerland are the blue ones on the back sides of the roof...  
17/05/2003 21:17:49   ian   Helen,
There's nothing other than the 'V4' badge showing in my parts book. Maybe the holes were made by a previous owner for fixing an additional non-standard badge (perhaps a 'deluxe' one?).

If you can't live with the holes and they are really bugging you, it might be an idea to find a replacement flap.  

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