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10/07/2006 20:02:16   james   heya, i am intrested in buying a 96 as my first car however i am fairly new to the field of old saabs so can anyone give me an idea of what to look out for when buying and does anyone know whether it is possible to insure a 17 year old on them.
Any help would be greatfully recieved, cheers, james  
10/07/2006 20:08:25   John Wood (Woody)   See other posts on this subject. Insurance may be higher than normal as insurance co's like to see that you have a normal vehicle insured as well as a classic, possibly exempt vehicle. Other may advise better on insurance as My 96 is not finished yet. Find a 96 and then get an expert to look at it with you. That way you know that the one you are going for is OK.  
11/07/2006 09:34:51   john   my first car when I was 17 was a 96, with any old car if you are not inclined to have a go with the jobs that will invariably crop up then you are better not too bother with one, as long as you get a reasonably solid car the 96 is fundamentally a very strong and practical car giving decent fuel economy, reasonable parts availability and super cool styling, insurance in my experience is no big deal and unlikely to be any worse than a Corsa or a Saxo or something, read the buyers guide in the technical section of the site, and as Woody says try to take someone with you who knows 96's or at least knows there way round an old car.  
11/07/2006 18:33:45   james   Oh right thanks guys didnt see that section, i'll check out some insurance quotes too. i'd prefer a 96 ten times over than a saxo or a corsa even if they would be easier to maintain, thats for sure! Who would want to be as boring as that! Plus my dad knows loads about old cars in general so that shouldnt be to much of a problem. cheers for the help  
15/07/2006 19:26:39   CHRIS WILCOX   Hi there I am also looking for a 96 as a second car,dont mind one that needs work but dont want to pay a fortune!!.It will eventually be my daughters car and hopefully we will try some historic rallying.I've tried all the usual places to get one and am having some little success.If any one knows where there is one for sale can you let me know on chrisjw54@btinternet or 07778-133371  
17/07/2006 15:13:13   Al   Chris - there are several for sale on this website (look in the Adverts section), on and usually a few on eBay. You could also join the Saab Owners Club and check out the cars advertised in the club mag (  

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