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10/07/2006 20:43:24   John   Have not been able to find any APEX/Hepolite originals yet but there is a possibility that JP pistons in Australia who make pistons for 95/96 V4 and Sonnett, also supply piston rings which fit the Mahle/Hepolite groove specs. more anon when they arrive.  
11/07/2006 16:47:14   Jon   Odd, I found a set of 91mm pistons very easily at Burtons - used in the V6 Taunus I believe.  
11/07/2006 19:22:26   Woody   Interesting Jon, do you have the ring part nos.  
15/07/2006 20:30:44   Martien   You can try
They have almost every enginepart in stock.

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