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25/05/2003 18:05:45   graeme   my 95L tends to overheat in heavy traffic. what can i do, short of stopping altogether, to help it cool when this happens?
also, how, short of fitting a bigger engine, can i make my 95L more responsive? sometimes,in the lower gears, it is extraemely sluggish?  
26/05/2003 18:56:27   graeme   thanks paul. will check that out  
26/05/2003 19:48:00   louis   I have a nice one for those who like travelling hot: I had the heater cable come undone in the full hot position, needless to say that I was driving 1000km from Surrey (GB) to Geneva (CH)that day!!! That was one hot run, the car never overheated! Oh and it was summer as well...
On the radiator front I had overheating problems, but when I changed the core after an accident it dissapeared.  
28/05/2003 07:52:14   Richard Simpson   There are two different rads, the later cars were fitted with a rad with more cores and finer fins. I have always run this type of rad with std fan and have never had the temp gauge go much above normal in any weather/driving condition.  
28/05/2003 09:24:12   ian   Graeme,
The time-honoured tradition amongst hardened V4'ers is to crank up the heating and turn on the fan for a short while and wind down the window and take it like man! Obviously this isn't a long term solution to your problem and you'll need to find the source of the trouble. I usually start by pressure testing the cooling system to check that the hoses are not leaking and that the radiator and expansion bottle caps are sealing properly when the system is pressurised. You'd be surprised how many filler necks get twisted or distorted. The seals on the caps often break down or crack as well. If you haven't got a pressure tester make sure that all the hose clips are fully tightened and that the cap seals are intact.

Have you bled the cooling system? If not there's a bleed nipple on the heater.

If the expansion bottle is covered internally with a greasy rust-coloured slime there's every likelihood that the rest of the cooling system will be in the same condition and not working as efficiently as it could do. You should flush/clean the cooling system using a special cooling system flush (anybody got any suggestions as to the most effective product?). There are two drain plugs either side of the engine block that will need to be opened.

If all the above fails to improve things, then you're probably looking at re-coring/replacing your radiator.

Good luck!  
30/05/2003 14:19:53   Steve H   Been there, done that etc. You can try all that but it is all just normally a sign that your radiator core is getting long in the tooth. If you can take the rad out yourself and take it to a recore place, it should only cost 70 or so for as standard rad or 100 for a triple core high density one if you are planning any desert trips or are fitting a high performance engine. If your engine is standard, the standard rad is fine and you will spend the next few years wondering why you ever bothered with the window winding thing.

Other improvements I can recommend if you have modified the engine are:-
1.air sealing the top and sides of the rad to the front grill with aluminium angles so all the air hitting the grill goes through the rad.
2. Kenlow electric fan - you be amazed how infrequently it actually comes on.
3. 13 row oil cooler (with thermostatic base plate) fixed with aluminium angles to the back of the rad where the mechanical fan used to go.

I have done all 3 (4 as a have the triple core rad as well)and enjoy cool summer motoring with a stage 2 1729 engine.  
02/06/2003 17:14:47   graeme   my 95L is behaving in a very erratic manner in low gear: one minute it will pull away fine in first and perform as normal - the next, despite having my foot to the floor, it crawls along at -5mph, before grinding to a halt.after which if I leave it for a few minutes it will pull away fine again - but then the problem repeats itself. Any suggestions?
cheers to all those who answered my overheating query.  

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