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14/07/2006 11:21:49   Al   What have people used? I'd like to keep mine looking fairly standard and avoid the intake noise of a K&N or similar, anyone found a simple (and cheap!) bolt-on solution?

[The carb I've bought has a useful alloy flange gripping the top of the choke allowing a flat-bottomed filter to be bolted on.]  
17/07/2006 18:16:00   Alex   I always had the impression that a 34 ICH was such a bolt on replacement item that the original air filter housing would fit. Is the diameter of the Weber so much different from your old carb?  
18/07/2006 00:52:13   Al   It's probably a direct swap for the early Solex but not for the more common Fomoco - there is no "inverted Y" bracket on the Weber to attach the filter box to, the diameter isn't the issue...  
20/07/2006 22:15:54   Alex   What type of filter box do you have? I have a Fomoco carb on my '75 with a plastic filter box. This is bolted to the rocker covers and not to the carb, so no inverted Y needed with this type of filter box.  
22/07/2006 00:47:39   Al   Fomoco should come with plastic filter box and there is a central bolt through the middle of the top that a) holds the top on and b) holds the filter box onto the carb. Sounds like yours isn't quite how it came out of Trollhatten...

The top of your Fomoco carb (in the choke) should have a sort of stirrup shaped bit that the central bolt bolts to  
22/07/2006 09:56:33   Derek   My '76 has the same set-up as Alex. Bolt allows the lid to come off to swap the filter. Base stays in place, bolted to the valve covers. It has a moulded rubber seal between the carb and the filter base. If the height of the 34 ICH is the same it might swap easily but you might have to make up a custom rubber seal for the carb/filter joint. You'll still need the correct filter box and matching covers with brackets.  
25/07/2006 12:32:29   Richard   The Y was for the tin box and the later plastic ones have a spiral platic bit in the middle with a screw thread in the top so the lid can be taken off like Alex's.
The webers have different tops. If you have got a top bracket I would fix this to the plastic filter box with a thick soft gasket.  

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