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16/07/2006 13:52:53   Fearghal   Would be interesting to do a quick straw poll. Who uses freewheel and who doesn't?

17/07/2006 10:32:00   Ivo   I prefer to drive without freewheel. I find that driving with the freewheel makes for twitchy gear changes, and also you can't use engine braking.
17/07/2006 10:54:27   Steve   I always freewheel. I like the clutchless down-changes and coasting down the hills.
17/07/2006 15:16:22   Al   I'm definitely a freewheeling type. Being gentle on the throttle when taking up drive again avoids the "twitchiness" mentioned and the lack of engine braking is kind of the point isn't it!  
17/07/2006 16:58:59   Richard   Freewheel every time for me, the car turns in a lot better.  
17/07/2006 18:20:59   Alex   Never used it, neither in days of old with my 96 nor now with the Sonett. I prefer using the engine brake effect when slowing down and if I push the accellerator down I want something to happen straight away.  
18/07/2006 00:53:13   Al   Sorry Alex but I fear you are missing out on a big part of the V4 experience....but to each his own ;o)  
18/07/2006 12:52:56   Andrew   My first 96 had had the freewheel disabled, so I was never used to having it. It works on the current car so I gave it a go but I never got the hang of it and haven't used it again since my 'steep downhill, rapid approach to lorry in front, no spare lane to move into and brakes that take a week to stop' experience!  
19/07/2006 11:14:35   Senor Burrrrrt   I always used it when I had a running V4. As has been said, it's a major part of the V4 experience. You can change up using freewheel too you know. In my experience the brakes are pretty good on the V4's.

The only problem I ever had is when once driving in hilly country and the brakes got too hot and faded.  
19/07/2006 13:32:03   Steve H   Always use it as my carb/timing set up make for a lumpy overun. Without the free wheel the pleasure (and point) of driving a V4 is almost gone as the gear change becomes a pain. Having said that, most of my driving is city and motorway where engine braking is not really required. When Im on a twisty A/B road, I do like the control of engine braking and do tend to pull the lever out on these.

In the city though (I live in London), the freewheel makes driving almost as easy as an automatic. Learn to love it!

And i've never come across better brakes than the V4. Andrew, you must have a dodgy servo or something.  
19/07/2006 16:46:55   Andrew   ;-) It was a very long, very steep hill and I was already cracking along at some pace - may have been a slight driver miscalculation involved (surely not?) - I was certainly somewhat taken aback by how much speed a rolling V4 can gather and the sudden appearance of a large truck in front.  
02/08/2006 21:35:26   Fearghal   I like to freeeeewheel!!  
02/08/2006 23:29:21   David   Me too!  

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