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17/07/2006 15:28:55   Adam   Hi guys,

I am fairly new to SAAB 96s. I am picking mine up this week. It is in good condition. The questions I have for you are:

1) Has anyone had the initiative to put together a list of parts that are readily available new (or tranferable from other current vehicles)?

2) Although I don't think there is anything that needs replacing yet, what are the hard-to-get items that I should keep an eye out for, incase they do turn up?

Thanks for your help in advance, email me any replies if you prefer, I hope to get photos on the gallery soon!

Forever in your debt, Adam  
17/07/2006 15:30:58   Adam   Sorry, that sounds a bit like a want want want list! If it helps, I would be more than willing to get started on such a list of new available alternive parts to share with the rest of the forum, once I have finished reading my Haynes manual!  
17/07/2006 17:06:47   Richard   Brake pads dont last too long. Handbrake leavers can wear. I had a spell of going through a few rear wheel cylinders (the correct type of mini ones can be made to fit). A spare set of balance shaft bearings is always handy as they are hard to find along with timing gears.
A good spare gearbox is handy, which can be a weak point. Heater control valve can leak. Front calipers can wear.

To be honest you can get most of the stuff from specialists or though people in the clubs or on the forums.  
17/07/2006 18:32:10   Alex   Doors that are not rotted at the bottom; mostly made of the in the classic Saabscene wellknown materials unobtanium or veryexpensium. If you come across a good door, grab it. Any gasket you can lay your hands on are a must to invest money in; check Ebay regularly. Spare lights and lenses don't take too much space either.  
17/07/2006 19:56:15   Adam   Sage words. Thanks for the quick response chaps. I look forward to contrinuting to the forum very soon!  
19/07/2006 14:01:06   Steve H   Wing mirror = gold dust
Rear light lenses = loud sucking through teeth
Saab original heated rear screens = I've got it

Much else is available off the shelf in Halfords as long as you take your old one in to compare and you can find an interested shop assistant. Remember Saab made aeroplanes not cars in those days so most of the parts were obtained from the Sweedish version of Halfords. Hence the need for both a metric and imperial spanner set to work on them. For example:-
Alternator - vectra
Pistons - Ford Focus (well in mine anyway)
Conrods - Capri
Spark plugs - almost everything
Shocks - bedfords (once upon a time)
Tyres - beatles and now mini coopers
Brakes - lockheed and mini (as richard said)

This also part explains the lack of a specialist supplier other than Ken and Mel because V4 owners tend to be a budget minded / practical lot who invent ways round a problem rather than pay money to a specialist. (Hence my failure to get enough of you interested to produce a batch of twin pipe exhausts, and Ken's frustration with us all when he got prices for remanufactured mirrors/pipes/bushes etc.)  
19/07/2006 18:45:56   Woody   Why have twin pipes, when one of the right size will do the job just as well?
20/07/2006 02:01:54   Al   Can't argue with your logic, John - why reinvent solutions that have already been solved?!  

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