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17/07/2006 18:14:18   David C   I've had the Saab 6 or so months and love it but have always had trouble finding reverse. It's got to a point where i now have to pre-consider where i park etc so i don't have to get out and do the reversing myself. It was MOT'ed recently and they managed to find it so I fear i am a complete buffoon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


18/07/2006 00:50:43   Al   I presume you're getting second instead? Is your linkage adjusted correctly? See the other current thread about gear selection difficulties for details of how to adjust.

Are you pulling the lever hard up against the steering wheel before trying to select.? The spring is pretty stiff...  
21/07/2006 13:07:12   david c   I'm going to attempt to fix at the weekend.

Cheers for the advice.  

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