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17/07/2006 23:03:29   Adam   Right. Here is a humdinger. I have jsut spent about 5 hours reading through this foum and the general consesus is that a Weber 28/36 DCD, K&N Filter and Sports exhaust are de-riguer for the beginner upgrades. After that V4 tuning looks pricey.

I have no rush and a well equiped workshop. If I was to put in a modern engine (nothing stupid - I have to be able to fit it AND insure it!), wht would it be? A couple of you have mentioned the Zetec.

Any offers? Over to you!  
18/07/2006 00:58:39   Al   Adam - learn to walk before you try to run mate...but if you're feeling like opening a blank cheque boook then get cracking!

Sorry, don't mean to sound quite so sarcy, but IMHO the time & cost of adapting any other engine to work in a V4 would be far better spent on:

a) making your V4 go better if that's what you want, the mods you mention are not expensive and can give you an easy 80bhp - not exactly bad in a 900kg old car.

b) enjoying driving it :o)  
18/07/2006 10:09:34   Senor Burrrrrt   As has been mentioned before, fitting a straight four will put too much weight in front of the wheels and will probably ruin the handling.  
18/07/2006 11:34:05   Adam   Understood. I spent most of last night reading up on fun & games with 96s and I think I let my imagine run away with me. I'm going to keep it simple to begin with.

And yes, primarily I do want to enjoy driving the car. An no - I have eno blank cheque book!!

Thanks for the reality check chaps!  
19/07/2006 13:45:05   Steve H   And have you seen the 96 2.0l 16v turbo linked to the Highgates site. If you want to spend money, that must be the way to go.

And a thought for you. The Lotus Elise weighs 935kg and only has a 1.7 engine but can do 0-60 in less than 5secs. It shows you don't need much engine to do allot in a car this light.  

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