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21/07/2006 19:59:14   mark   where can i get a clutch kit from? mk  
22/07/2006 00:49:23   Al   Elkparts, Highgate, decent motor factors....  
22/07/2006 12:09:10   mark   Hi,Tried Highgate they dont have standard clutches in stock.Europarts dont have any.Anyone else? mk  
22/07/2006 14:15:23   Al   Elkparts as suggested before...  
23/07/2006 22:44:17   Stu   Hi Mark, i've recently (about 2 weeks ago), got a full clutch kit from highgate, they have them specially machined and only get around 5 per delivery so there is a short waitng period (i waited roughly 4 weeks) so that will be why they don't have any in stock, speak to Mel whos a really helpfull bloke and i'm sure he'll be able to sort you out, good luck mate.  
24/07/2006 20:31:38   mark   Thanks Stu, But got one from Elkparts as Al suggested. mk  
24/07/2006 21:39:25   Stu   Nice one mate, if you don't mind me asking how much was it, have you fitted it yet?, just because i had a host of problems with clutches and had to shell out 250 quid as i was told no one does them anymore.  

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