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23/07/2006 23:00:32   Stu   Right where to start, was happily coasting alont when my clutch and diff in the gearbox collapsed, so got this guy to fix it!!!!!!, when we towed the car could hear what appearred to be cogs moving and thought thats cos of gearbox and/or clutch and let him get on with it, fitted clutch that didn't work but gearbox is apparantly spot on, got clutch from highgate and fitted and now when driven that whining sort of sound still there, what i'm trying to figure out is noisy gearbox or running gear somewhere as i was going at a fair pace down a hill with clutch fully depressed when it went, could i of bent something. One more thing, i can't get 3rd or 4th due to position of gearlever, will that be rectified by moving steering column as it looks as if it wont go ant further forward but there seems to be a gap a few inches down the shaft underneath the steering wheel, hope someone can help, i'm really missing the 96 exprience. cheers.  
24/07/2006 19:50:36   John Wood ("Woody")   How do you know the gearbox is OK? What was wrong with the original clutch? If the Highgate clutch is not working, send it back. See other link about adjusting transmissions/engine side stays. Was the bloke who did the repair a brain surgeon or a plumber? Doesn't sound as if he knows anything about cars.
Before you can repair something you need to knows what's wrong first.  
24/07/2006 20:41:40   Alistair   Have to say, I've no idea what has happened here or in what order - clutch and diff both "collapsing" at once seems pretty unlikely though.

Pinion bearings can collapse, and this can cause the crownwheel to shatter (been there, bought the T-shirt....) but no reason why it should affect, or be affected by, the clutch...  
24/07/2006 21:17:40   Stu   i think what happened was that the diff collapsed and therefore threw something back and shattered the clutch as the guy said it just fell apart as he took it out, the guy who did the work has worked for western saab up here in newcastle for over twenty years and came highly recommended from a friend who also has a 96, he actually put in a clutch and it didn't work so he could only test the car in 1st gear or so he says beginning to have my doubts about him as it seems that hes been a bit heavy handed, the clutch from highgate seem to be working fine and because this guy has worked for saab for so long i trusted him with gearbox, today i've tried adjusting the steering column but to no avail and i'm not very clued up on the mechanical side of things, but i managed to reconnect the speedo which this guy didn't and i think that says alot, don't you?  
24/07/2006 22:47:05   John Wood ("Woody")   The diff is inside the gearbox. The only things likely to fall apart inside the clutch housing is the clutch disc, where the centre can separate from the outer with the linings. The clutch release bearing has been known to wear but I have never come across one fall apart.
Not a very good adv for Western Saab or is this a wind up.  
25/07/2006 10:59:45   Stu   No honestly its no wind up, new clutch is in and seems to be working fine the gearbox or linkage needs to be adjusted and i dont know where to start, just been on phone to nick at v4 resto co and he said it might not be in properly which would account for the noise too. The thing is the guy from western did it in his own time and not through the company so western have a clean slate.  
25/07/2006 12:55:35   Richard   Your fork can wear, the release bearing can go, the lining can go (as john) or a spring type clutch cover can fail and your hydraulic system can fail and thats about it.
It sounds like the lining or cover that has gone if it went quickly.
Whining is the pinion bearings backing off and the mesh on the pinion to diff gear becoming slack. If you have run with the two gears backed off they will wear, so when you reset the mesh the gears will still whine due to the fact the cogs are worn. A knacked rear gearbox bush that is causing the box to touch some metal part of the car can make this sound worse.  
25/07/2006 16:18:22   Stu   I've found the problem fellas and you'll find it hard to believe, the gearbox has been put in the motor and he hasn't connected up the restraining bolt that goes through to the doughnut type fixing that you tighten up from inside at the middle of the footwell, if i wasn't killing myself laughing in pure disbelief then i would be bawling my eyes out, anyway i've been in touch with guy from owners club and he put me in touch with someone who knows what he's doing, it's a relief to now know whats wrong and hopefully no damage has been done, thanks for all the advice everyone, it's very much appreciated.  
26/07/2006 00:25:02   Alistair   Rich hit the nail on the head with rear gearbox mount then...  

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