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25/07/2006 20:35:08   Gus   Anyone care to shed advice on the tappet clearances for a modified V4? I've finally got the engine installed and running. It's an 1815 and I think (it was a long time ago when I built it!) that it has a Piper fast road cam in it (equivalent to an S&R 7.2). It sounds a bit 'tappety' though, so I've just checked the clearances and they're set to 0.5mm, which is what the S&R manual says. I know standard cars should be 0.35mm inlet and 0.4mm outlet. Is a bit of tappet noise normal or should I close the gaps to standard?! Thanks.  
25/07/2006 21:11:50   Jon   A bit of tappet noise is better than none (which would mean your valves might not be seating correctly and hence could burn out). If you're using std pushrods and cam followers then the std valve clearance should be used, it's nothing to do with the cam shaft. The clearance is to take up the expansion of the pushrods, tappets and valves once they're at full working temp.  
25/07/2006 21:13:24   Jon   By the way, I would be interested to know what BHP you're getting on the rolling road. I've a twin port 1740 and get 90bhp at the wheels at 5000rpm.  
25/07/2006 22:09:50   Gus   Thanks Jon, that's very helpful...I'll reset them to standard then. Yes, I'm interested to see how the bhp works out too! I built the engine about 6 years ago, fitted it into the restored bodyshell last year and fired it up for the first time a few months back. I'm using a twin port manifold with 38DGAS Weber (the one where the chokes operate together). Heads are ported/gas flowed and into a Jetex exhaust. Once I've got the remaining panels resprayed (doors, front wings and bonnet), it should be ready for an MOT. A bit of work left to do on the brakes, but that should be it....down to the rolling road! I'll post the results when I have them! Gus.  
21/08/2006 08:28:09   Jon   Any news on your BHP?  

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