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26/07/2006 16:00:26   Rob   hi, im in the process of fitting a cooper supercharger to my 95 and am trying to get a drive for it direct from the crank - rather than the balance shaft

ive had a look at some websites with cologne v6's - these dont have a balance shaft gear - only a crank pulley

so my question - if i remove the balance shaft pulley, use an electric water pump and devise a method for the alternator drive at the same time as the charger - will a cologne v6 timing cover fit? does the crank pulley from the v6 fit onto a v4 crank?

26/07/2006 18:43:17   Alistair   Dunno about your questions Rob, but a V4 with no balance shaft is as lumpy as hell and won't last too long the way it vibrates & wobbles about, won't be good for your engine mounts, gearbox etc.

Why not have the standard front cover machined to take a drive out from the crank (you'll need some way to bolt your extra pulley onto the end of the crank and keep the crank timing gear in place as this also drives the camshaft...) and retain the balance shaft?

Then again, why not take the blower drive from the balance shaft? Get a steel gear in place of fibre, to take the extra load and bob's your monkey???  
26/07/2006 18:44:02   Alistair   Ah, ignore comment about no balance shaft, you only mentioned losing the pulley not the gear...  
27/07/2006 00:03:47   Rob   thanks alistair- as the balance shaft runs the wrong way so the charger would be in reverse :-(

so will have to somehow add a pulley onto the crankshaft and have an oil sealed placed in the cover

know anywhere that will do this - theres also the problem that the oil seal will definately interfere with the sump
and that the front plate is not flat

any suggestions - ive emailed you a couple of pics  
27/07/2006 00:49:05   John Wood ("Woody")   Have you seen what Sigge Johansson did to a V4?. See Page 32 of From Two Stroke to Turbo by Anders Tunberg. He used a large toothed pulley with a V belt groove so the V belt drove the water pump and alternator and the large toothed belt drove the supercharger. No Fan but a drive taken from the camshaft via the front cover for fuel delivery. This is very similar to that used for fuel injection. See also Alistair's article in the Saab driver May/June 2006.  
27/07/2006 09:15:56   Rob   thats exactly what i want to acheive!
now whats the best way to get that oil seal in?

also ive been investigating other gearbox options - an audi a4/passat or audi 80 seems possible - anyone got any ideas?


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