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28/07/2006 01:26:49   AlexW   I was recently travelling(it wasn't me driving honest) North bound M6 up(!!!) Shap summit in a completely standard 96 (single choke weber,standard exhaust)and witnessed the car gradually over a distance of about 2 miles increase it's speed to an indicated 105 mph. The car has 165/15 tyres. Yes I Know the V4 speedos get more inaccurate the faster you go but I still reckon this was at least 95 mph. After the summit the car showed a willingness to increase speed still further but the driver let up for fear of radar traps. I was well impressed!!!!!  
28/07/2006 11:51:30   Alistair   A good V4 should easily pull an indicated 100, this is usually about 90-93 in real life! Tyre size won't affect your speedo, just make it over-read slightly less as the gearing is increased. Standard car won't usually make more than 95 though as that's 5500 rpm and about the limit of the valve springs! Some can rev to 6000 but you're so far from peak power (4800!) that it's unlikely to get there in top.

Could be your speedo is especially optimistic?  
01/08/2006 21:51:19   Colin Foster   Had mine off the clock down the long straight in Langdale Forest, many years ago now. Not sure that the "age thing" and wanting to live another day would alow that now..... I should never challenge myself like that!  
01/08/2006 23:30:50   John Wood ("Woody")   Did the same in Wythop forest down hill with banking on one side and a drop through the trees to the A66 below. What a white knuckle ride. 31 years on & it feels like it was yesterday.  
04/08/2006 15:55:02   Al   Our 1700HC 95 with twin choke solex, S&R headers and home-bodged straight-thru exhaust would pull well off the clock, it would just about rev to 6000 in top which I work out as true 104mph...The 1500 rally car would do the same, and it didn't need long to get there ;o)  

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