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26/05/2003 20:34:18   jake   where can i get new radiator cap for the rad not the expantion bottle the one on my rad does'nt seem to fit on tight enough and lets the water blow past it when i top it up and secondly should the radiator be filled right up to the top? mine does'nt seem to like it and only settles down after a few blow offs!  
30/05/2003 14:31:28   Steve H   Ken and Mel?

or can you take some mole grips to it and squash the flanges?  
31/05/2003 21:15:13   louis   I tried fitting other caps as I had the same problem as you, ok on tick over but as speed increases it dribles. I resorted to fitting a thiker seal under the cap, all is ok now. The "blows off" are probably due to air in the system, have you bled it at the bleed tap on the heater unit? It is there as it is the highest point of the cooling system.  

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