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29/07/2006 21:24:41   Gus   Fitted some reversing lights recently and they were working fine for a while, but now they seem to come on with the ignition (i.e. all the time!) I'm assuming the 'switch' has stuck, but no idea where it is...guessing it must be actuated by the gear selector. Anyone know or repaired one before?! Thanks.  
31/07/2006 23:15:33   Alistair   It's attached to the top of the gearbox and is activated by a big plate on the gear linkage. Have a look, it's probably got mucky and stuck. You can sometimes clean them up or just get a replacement - must be loads available from motor factors, Halfords etc, just take yours with you and see what else will fit!  
01/08/2006 20:34:47   Gus   Thanks Alistair, I've been looking inside the car! I'll have a look at the gearbox then.  

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