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30/07/2006 21:49:04   neil and norman   I think I have terminally lost my only set of keys for Norman! He's in the lock up facing outwards - can't get my motorbike out either...

Tell me what I am about to face () to resolve the issue...  
31/07/2006 09:41:32   Martien   First you can disconnect the gearbox linkage under the hood and put the box into neutral. The car is movable now.

Next you'll have to remove the lock cilinder, wich will be a tough job without the key. This might require some drilling to remove the locking pins.

31/07/2006 17:16:53   Mark   Take the door lock off and ask a locksmith to cut a key to suit the barral or Brian Butler SAAB sanctary might be able to Address is in SEC mag  
01/08/2006 22:36:54   Danny   I lost the keys for my 1982 mazda rx7 and i rang a local locksmith who turned up and 'built' a new key at a charge of 69.00. Try changing the name of the car to a female one and talk nicely. I recomend the name Heidi.  
02/08/2006 23:42:50   neil and norman   Once I get the car in neutral can I 'hot wire' it? Not that I know how to do that, either... Anyone?  
04/08/2006 15:49:09   Al   Yes, you can remove the ignition switch from behind the lock barrel and use a wide screwdriver to start it.

We had this problem with one of our old 95s, so we left the retaining pin out of the tailgate handle so it could be removed from the outside, I would then lock the doors internally and then climb out of the back...not so hard when I was 11/12 but wouldn't want to now!  
05/08/2006 08:05:53   ian f   Neil,

If the locks haven't been changed (ie they're the ones originally fitted when the car was manufactured - which is quite likely with the ignition and boot locks) you should be able to find a main dealer who's prepared to go to the trouble of ordering a key from Saab in Sweden - you'll need to provide the chassis number of course.

In my experience some dealers are happier to do this than others - the last time I had to get new keys I used one of the dealers in Hertfordshire and did everything over the phone.

Good luck!

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