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02/06/2003 08:28:22   Richard   How many V4's are they in the Sheffield area?

I have seen a few about so I will start the ball rolling. I drive a blue 1976 96 v4.  
02/06/2003 12:11:46   helen   hi richard,
im just down the road in belper, ive got a 1967 v4 deluxe in green, and there another 1970's blue one in milford. i fancy doing a paek district drive/cruise- pub tour, but not in an owners club... know anyone who organises these?
02/06/2003 12:31:54   Richard   If we get some more people joining this discussion how about doing an unoffical get together in the Peak District. I work in the Peak so know a few pubs/places of interest.  
03/06/2003 09:02:41   helen   Sounds good to me....  
04/06/2003 01:18:15   Alistair Philpott   Tom Monaghan has a very nice yellow 96 somewhere in Sheffield  
04/06/2003 08:46:26   Alec   I am not a million miles away as I live near Bourne in Lincolnshire. However, I am rapidly approaching a house move so things are a little busy to say the least. If I am free I will try and make it though.  
06/06/2003 22:11:47   Tom Monaghan   I do indeed live in north Sheffield in a place called Grenoside. There is another yellow V4 in Sheffield belonging to a chap called Neil. His is a 1972 in fine appearance.

Richard, what a great idea - a cruise around the Peaks. I was doing just that last night after i did a duathlon at Ladybower reservoir and was trying to get to Foxhouse afterwards for a pint. The new Weber twin choke fitted last weekend at yours enabled me to blast through Bamford at 75+mph.

08/06/2003 20:30:04   louis   Talking of speed I measured before I modified my V4 max speed of 165 kph (~100 mph) with police equipment that measures real speed. This is amaying as the Saab factory max speed was said to be 145 kph (~90mph). Any ideas why it goes so fast? I haven't yet been able to test it with the 1700 cc engine and twin chokes, I dread to think!  
09/06/2003 11:21:45   Richard   My 96 pulled over 100 mph on the clock with a std engine/exhaust, but it had a 34 weber on it at the time,it was a bit short of breath. With the twin choke and exhaust it pulls like a train at this speed as it is well on cam and I think it will rev until the valves bounce or something lets go.
The Saab was very good at high speeds in its day because of the low drag. Engines vary in power due to build tolerances. Just compairing two sets of cylinder heads will show differences, some heads had larger (in the vertical direction) inlet ports.  
11/06/2003 12:29:05   Richard   Right are we still on for a meeting in the Peaks and if so what month/date would be ideal for people. I can get about three, maybe more Saab V4's from around where I live, so all we need to do is decide on a date.  
11/06/2003 23:11:14   Tom   Late June and anytime up to 20th July good for me.  

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