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01/08/2006 23:20:51   Max   Which pressure plate to use? (with an engine producing between 105 and 115 hp, the original one is insufficient)
I'm also interested in solutions concerning pressure bearing area...
I once heard of Ford Capris plate, but what about bolt threads and pressure bearing then?

Please tell me!  
02/08/2006 11:33:15   Alex   I read once that Ford clutches don't work; in combination with the Saab slave they can't be disengaged. You could try the Highgate diaphragm clutch (ask for what they can handle) or ask Kalle what he has made up for his Green Beast. I don't know if Motorsport Sweden is still in business (their website hasn't been changed for a while) but in the past they sold uprated clutches (Senor Burrt, didn't you have a hipo clutch for your 95 project?).What did you do to the engine to get the hp you are writing about?  
02/08/2006 13:16:25   Alistair   Try contacting AP to see if they can still make uprated plates. You could potentially have the springs in a standard pressure plate replaced with heavier duty springs. Also try Rolf at Saab Klubben (but Sweden closed for August...) to see what they can source. With that power, heavy duty rpessure plate and standard friction plate should suffice, but you could also go for HD friction too.  
18/08/2006 09:56:01   Jon   The Highgate diaphragm clutch is one answer. BUT a much cheaper answer is : std friction plate, std release bearing, shot peened clutch levers (the 3 levers from the centre plate to the cast pressure plate) and finally 6 heavy duty coil springs. I have a 125bhp engine using this clutch and it's worked brilliantly since I built the engine 20 000 miles ago.  
18/08/2006 22:45:14   Max   where can I get these sprigs from? It'd be helpful to know the spring ratio in the unit Force/length (usually Newton/mm)! It should also be possible to install tiny washers (formed out with a "board" so they don't get out under vibration) under the springs seat in order to get more force out...what you think?  
18/08/2006 22:45:37   Max   I mean spring ratio of standard items.  
21/08/2006 08:24:15   Jon   D  
21/08/2006 08:25:31   Jon   I bought mine from Jack Ashcroft in the USA. The main problem with coil spring clutches is that the springs bend out with the centrifugal forces whilst rotating at high rpm.  

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