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05/08/2006 22:32:20   Gus   OK, so I've got a new master cylinder, new rear cylinders, shoes and good front calipers, all the joints/pipes/hoses are good. After some considerable faffing I've managed to bleed one half of the system (front R and rear L) - ending up doing it with a vacuum pump, as we just couldn't get brake fluid past the master cylinder with the 'manual' method. However, I can't seem to get any brake fluid to the rear R (Front L bleeds OK) and I have no resistance at the pedal (pushes all the way to the floor without operating shoes or pads). I've no idea what's going on. To compound things the servo unit seem to be leaking a lot of air from around the seal where the vacuum pipe connects, when you push the pedal down. Even if the servo is faulty/leaking though I assume this won't have any effect on the bleeding process? Anyone got any useful; tips or ideas??! Really stumped with this one!  
08/08/2006 09:14:22   Al   Have you tired using something like an Eezi-bleed? You may have a big air lock in the master cylinder and need more than a single pedal travel to push it out.  

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