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19/08/2006 10:53:30   Adam   Has anyone managed to retro fit disc brakes front and rear on a 96?

Are there any hub or wishbone assemblies from other cars that are compatible with the 96 and modernish disc brakes?  
21/08/2006 08:21:18   Jon   No and you don't need to. The drums are perfectly adequate.  
22/08/2006 20:22:12   Adam   what about parts - how are cyclinders, pads, bearing etc. for availability?  
24/08/2006 14:06:52   Jon   I presume you're talking about retro-fitting discs on an older model with drums all round? In that case the later disc setup should simply bolt on: bearings, ball joints, pads, a discs can all be bought new, the knuckle is 2nd hand only.  
24/08/2006 14:18:29   Adam   No, I was actually thinking about a completely new disc system all round; replacing the original drums and discs.

I have seen a few drum to disc convertion kits for some older american car models and they seem to be a plate that mounts behind the hub backing plate on the axle. This plate then accepts modern disc calipers. I just don't know what pattern or dimensions would be needed.

The easiest way would be for a modern hub assembly with disc already fitted to just bolt straight on - but that would be too easy to be true!

I was just wondering...  
27/08/2006 22:10:29   john wyatt   The simple answer Andrew is that it would not be that difficult to fit a modern disc set up to the front or back of a 96 with a bit of time and money, but a well maintained set of standard brakes is very adequate for anything but the most extreme driving, I have often thought a nice modern caliper modded for the front of a 96 would be good given the way old 96 calipers wear, however from previous attempts I have seen from people trying to get 96 inspired engineering projects off the ground their does not seem to be enough interest to make them viable.  
28/08/2006 20:39:43   Adam   Yes, I thought it would be custom one off effort.

I was thinking of a plate mounted behind the hub attachement plate (on the rear) that can accept a caliper, but I'd have problems working out the measurments to the disc and how far the caliper would be mounted from the hub axix (without having calipers to work with), also, which discs to accept.

I haven't taken the front calipers off yet so am not sure how one could retro-fit new calipers. Ideas?  

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