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02/06/2003 19:26:33   graeme   02/06/2003 17:14:47 graeme my 95L is behaving in a very erratic manner in low gear: one minute it will pull away fine in first and perform as normal - the next, despite having my foot to the floor, it crawls along at -5mph, before grinding to a halt.after which if I leave it for a few minutes it will pull away fine again - but then the problem repeats itself. Any suggestions?
cheers to all those who answered my overheating query.  
02/06/2003 21:57:51   ian   Working on the assumption that the ignition system is in good order, it sounds like you've got a carburettor problem.

Have you got a manual or automatic choke on the carb? The symptoms you describe sound suspiciously like the auto-choke sticking in the 'on' position.

Have you any idea when the carb was last overhauled?

Does it happened with the engine cold and hot, or just when hot?

03/06/2003 01:23:10   graeme   i have manual choke. problem starts when the engine gets hot. don't have info on when carb last overhauled to hand - will check. cheers ian.  
03/06/2003 02:16:42   Anders OZ   It sounds as though you have a fuel problem. If you have the FoCoMo-Autolite Carburetor, have you checked the fuel strainer mounted in the carburetors float valve?  
03/06/2003 14:08:27   Senor Burt   Could be the condenser. Problems with this manifest themselves when hot. If you get a blue flash when you open the points with a screwdriver it is shot. Make sure you get the right one. There are at least 3 different types. They all look different, so take the old one to compare.  
03/06/2003 18:35:21   Alec   Or maybe vapour-lock in the fuel hoses. Ensure they are not sitting on the hot engine somewhere.  
04/06/2003 01:22:45   Alistair Philpott   My initial thoughts were fuel vapourisation being the cause, especially if it comes back when left to cool a little. As Alec says, check no hoses or the in-line filter are resting on the engine, hold back with cable ties or similar if they are.

Will it rev at all when this happens (ie not in gear)? If so, does it misfire or run OK?  
05/06/2003 21:13:58   Chris   Hi. Sounds just like my 96 it had been playing up for some time I did all the usale things points plugs cleaned carb ect. and it was not to bad for a short time then one day in desperation I dug a spare HT. coil out of my junk box and fitted it, cor! is it the same car!!  

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