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22/08/2006 17:58:33   Alec   Sorry to everyone for the problems we are getting with the forum. It is due to the increasing amount of rubbish spammed to the forum.

I am nearly ready with a completely new forum and a few changes to the website. This will mean you will have to register with me to get on to post new messages. This will be much more advanced than the basic forum we currently have and will give more functionality.

Please bear with me and watch this space!

22/08/2006 19:13:55   Senor Burrt   Nice one Alec. Look forward to it.  
22/08/2006 20:02:49   Les Ryder   Look forward to seeing our Blue V4 on the revised site.
Cheers Les  
22/08/2006 20:20:36   Adam   It will be worth it - looking forward to it!  
23/08/2006 12:50:04   Jon   Great, good news. Will you be able to include all the old threads in the new forum?  
23/08/2006 16:11:36   Alec   No, I will not. Its a shame and that is one of the reasons why I resisted changing it. However, I will leave the old forum available for reading but stop any new posts to it.  
23/08/2006 20:43:29   Clive   I'm pleased to hear that Alec... looking forward to registering for the new site.  
23/08/2006 20:44:33   Clive   I'm pleased to hear that Alec... looking forward to registering for the new site.  
23/08/2006 20:50:18   Clive   Sorry about the double post... don't know how it happened. Hopefully we will be able to edit posts on the revised site!  
24/08/2006 18:36:31   john wyatt   Great stuff Alec, I must say the recent nonsense from spammers has meant I have not been using the forum much of late.  
24/08/2006 20:55:35   Woody   Concur, it has been really disappointing that folk have been put off by these spammers, me included. A new type of forum, where contributors must log in will be of great interest. It works with UKSAAB and it will be for V4 lovers. Deep Joy.  
24/08/2006 21:35:40   Peter   A propper V4 forum would be awesome! I have 72 Sonett that I'm trying to restore but getting info is so darn hard. I too look forward to this.  
26/08/2006 20:52:54   Alec   nearly ready - bear with me!!!  
01/09/2006 01:39:09   Alistair   Be good to get a bit more life on here again Alec, I've been missing it a bit recently - a few of us knock about on UKS now but nowhere near as many as used to be in here. Keep up the good work mate!  
03/09/2006 22:58:13   Alec   I am just waiting for the website to be moved to a new server to give me all the functionality I need. The site may go down for a few hours whilst this happens.  
07/09/2006 14:36:04   Alec   OK - The wesite has now been moved to a new server which now enables me to finish the setup of the new forum - should be done very soon.

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