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27/08/2006 11:42:05   mark   Hi,I've been running bmw mini tyres on my 96 (175) and there great,loads of grip and look right.I got mine on ebay 80 for four nearly new.And they re easier to get hold of than 155's. mk  
27/08/2006 20:25:10   Alex   How are these in height compared to 155's? Are they easy to put on at the rear end? With the 96 I have 165's on soccerballs and they are hard to push through the opening between the hub and the wing.  
29/08/2006 17:02:33   mark   mine are on soccerballs too,no problems getting them on.they are lower but not much.  
01/09/2006 01:44:37   Alistair   175/65s are a little lower than 155s and a lot lower than 165s (which is a GOOD thing!). I've had 185/65s all round before now and while a bit tight at the back, with decent springs & shocks they were fine. On a standard car they'd be pants I suspect...  

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