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28/08/2006 17:31:14   Fearghal   Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice... I've have my 1970 96 v4 for about 6 months. Recently when starting to drive from cold it keeps on making a phut phut noice from the exhaust, particularly when accelerating. Sometimes it gets louder, like an old banger (which I guess it is!). It goes away when the engine warms up fully though.

Any idea what it is and how to remedy it? Sorry - I'm not that mechanically/technically minded!

Thanks a lot

30/08/2006 14:28:31   ian   hole in exhaust? valve?  
01/09/2006 01:45:23   Alistair   Probably leaking from the exhaust manifold gasket(s).  
01/09/2006 13:07:18   Stu   I've identical problem as i've a crack just where the manifold attaches to engine  
02/09/2006 23:37:55   Fearghal   Thanks for the advice guys. Do you think it's easy/necessary to repair?  

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