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29/08/2006 12:36:19   Drew B   Now that I've been able to use the 96 Souvenir after recent fuel pump issues, I've become aware of starting difficulties when the engine is hot. It's OK cold after a couple of pumps of the accelerator and use of the choke, but starting again after swithcoff when it's warm is sometimes pretty frustrating. I haven't had the time to check the carby fully, but it seems like it's flooding or vaporising the fuel. Is this common with the V4's, and is there anything I should check? Out of interest, what is the recommended starting procedure; I don't have the owners handbook to describe starting a manually choked engine.

Second, the car's had a cheap aftermarket sunroof installed in the time it was in the UK. Not only does it look like crap, it leaks worse than the Titanic and whistles badly with wind noise. The solution is to remove it and have a repair panel professionally wheeled out and butt-welded in. The local auto metal fabrication expert says that it's be an enormous saving to obtain an oversize roof panel section that could be trimemd to suit, problem being that there aren't any 96 donor cars in Australia. Anyone have a spare 96 shell with a good front roof section that they're parting out?

Any comments most appreciated!


29/08/2006 13:04:11   john   Drew I could cut you out the roof from a car I am breaking as you probably know postage to Australia from the UK can be fairly expensive but if you get dimensions of what you need the weight can be kept to a minimum, similarly I am sure the headlining is good if you want that as well.

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