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30/08/2006 10:40:23   John   Just wondered what MPG everyone gets from they're 96's. I have a standard 1972 and get 200 miles out of a tank,driving with Free wheel activated.It doesn't seem to increase or decrease in town driving,or on long journey's.Any thoughts?  
30/08/2006 22:36:45   James Ayres   Only 200? Something's wrong mate! I get 300 plus! I reckon on 35mpg is my average...  
31/08/2006 11:32:49   Alex   300 plus out of a standard 36(?)litre tank? You must have a carb made of nonexsistium of which rumours went around in the 1950's and 60's that it was an invention of which the patents were bought by the oil industry in order to keep their cashflow going :). But seriously, in days of old (2nd half of the 1980's) when my 96 model year 1975 with 1700 engine was still my daily driver I was glad to get 200 miles from a tank. Metrically speaking, I was glad if I did better than 8 km per litre. With long trips on the motorway consumption went down to about 9 km per litre. That Fomoco carb was a thirsty bugger. I must admit that I did not always use the velvet touch and never bothered about using the freewheel.

A mate of mine with a 1700 engine, reconditioned Weber 32/36DGV-5A, Pertronix ignition and Simons exhaust makes around 10km per litre.

James, what's your engine's outfit?  
31/08/2006 21:01:48   James Ayres   Maybe I have got the 300 wrong! (ooops!) However, I do get 35 plus per gallon. I can't work out what the km figure is. I don't drive like a granny, although I don't drive like an idiot either. It's always a mix of driving, ie a bit around town, a bit on motorway and duel carriageway etc. Standard 1500 set up with a fomoco carb, although I did fit electronic ignition.  
01/09/2006 01:47:33   Alistair   28-30mpg is more realistic in my experience, about 200 miles on a tank...  
01/09/2006 11:14:26   John   Thanks for your thoughts.Apart from the Weber Carb, which I presume would be more thirsty than the Fomoco,is there any alternative,or should I be glad of 200 miles a tank and shut up?!  
02/09/2006 13:26:04   john wyatt   I have never worked out mpg but my 1740 with 28/36 Weber, big valve heads, cam, sport exhaust, etc. gets better mpg than any my previous standard cars when driven at normal speeds, even when gunnning it fuel consumption is good.  
04/09/2006 18:45:12   Kooda   On the FoMoCo I was getting about 28-32mpg (32 max on the motorway)
With the Weber DCD & Jetex I'm getting up to 36-7mpg on the motorway. It'd prolly be a bit better as tend to have a bit more "fun" with the new set up.  

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