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31/08/2006 11:36:52   Stu   I'm finding that my engine is overheating unless i keep my speed to around 55-60 mph on level roads, i've read somewhere about the electric fans that can be fitted, could someone please give me some info on buying and fitting and if they are any use.
01/09/2006 01:45:59   Alistair   Try replacing or recoring your rad first, it shouldn;t do that...  
03/09/2006 00:21:02   Max   Recoring seems to be too expensive. Here in Germany it is about 400!

I installed to the front of the rad a single electric fan that came off a Landrover Discovery TD5 - I took it from the scrapyard and only cost me 10. Now cooling is better in all driving conditions, even when standing at the traffic lights.

But my first choice always hwould be a recore if I could afford, as you solve the problem directly whereas an electric fan only puts down a little the effect of a too small/too worn rad.

03/09/2006 01:37:41   Derek   EEK! 400 Euro = 269.668 British Pound. At the price I've been quoted for an upgraded recore I could get 3 done for that!  
03/09/2006 13:03:06   Max   Well sounds like it'd be cheaper doing the recore in England and then sending it to Germany!!
Have a nice sunday guys!  
03/09/2006 20:15:23   john wyatt   Try giving your cooling system a good flush, flush the rad from the bottom hose up the way, ideally out the car if you can, if not a garden hose into the bottom with a tea towel wrapped round the end to make a tight fite, you may be amazed at how much this helps, a specialist flush from your motor factor will probably help also  
04/09/2006 19:20:02   Stu   cheers guys, have fitted new rad but don't know about haw much coolant to put in, a mate who also has a 96 says don't bother as he says car doesn't need it but i've read that it helps protect the engine, if so will i just top up the expansion bottle to max?, the bottle is empty at the moment.
04/09/2006 20:24:04   Derek   You obviously don't have a Haynes. Get one! In the meantime - Close block and rad drains if open. Set heater lever to full hot. Open bleed nipple on side of heater box. Less messy if you can put a few feet of small bore hose on it. Fill expansion bottle to max level mark. Fill rad until you can see the water, about an inch down. Start the engine and warm it up, reving the engine a little now and then, until water comes out of the bleed nipple. The thermostat should now be open. I usually put the bleeder hose into the rad filler until it runs steady. Close bleeder,top up rad and fit both caps. Run it round the block and allow to cool. Top up bottle as necessary. Check daily for a few days at least.
Anti freeze is good. 30% fine but a good idea to check your new rad etc before draining and filling up for the winter.  
04/09/2006 21:54:10   Alex   400,- for a recore is plain robbery. A few years back before the Euro came I had the Sonett's rad. recored with a core for a 99 Turbo for a bit over 200 Dutch guilders, so let's say 100,-. It was an old derelict looking independent rad workshop but they did first class work for little money. The same work would have cost me about 150,- at a workshop connected to a national franchise organisation.  
06/09/2006 19:35:09   Woody   Recore of a 96 V4 standard rad should be between 65-95.00 all in.  

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