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02/09/2006 12:08:12   cassie   Hi thanks for your help in the past - new problem does anyone know where i can get a new/old front pipe for the exhaust - that attaches to the two manifold pipes for a 1976L 1700 engine.
must be in good condition
02/09/2006 13:05:34   Derek   Cassie. The front silencer for the V4 is integral with the 2 manifold pipes so these are replaced as one unit. Same box for 1500/1700. Long pipe to the rear fits to the small rear silencer. Should be available from the usual V4 specialists but you may find a motor factor can get one in without problems. One of your local exhaust fitting shops might still have it on their database. Free fitting will be a bonus! Good luck  
03/09/2006 11:18:00   Stu   Try highgate or jetex systems, both i know do full systems but i don't know about sections, you can get to both websites through the parts suppliers links.  
04/09/2006 08:14:16   JAKE   euro car parts list it but don't have them in stock at moment not expensive so might be worth a try again  
04/09/2006 18:40:45   Kooda   Ive got a 1500 one. Its got surface rust on it, Structurally it looks ok. Ive got the back section too, which is in quite good condition.

05/09/2006 00:16:49   James Ayres   Sterling Exhausts have ss exhausts complete system for 300 (or less) give them a bell (address in the Saab mag) I have had mine for 2 years, it was a doddle to fit and works really well, and sounds great. It's not a sports exhaust, just a ss repro, far better than mild steel! Sounds great too!  
07/09/2006 16:36:46   Adam   I am going to replace mine with a Jetex. If anyone wants a full exhaust they can have it for free as long as they pay postage (or live conveineintly close to Pembrokeshire!)


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