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04/09/2006 16:35:37   Adam   I am considering getting a complete set of poly bushes for my 96. I cannot find anywhere that advertise them ready made for the 96 (people like Powerflex or Poybush) but Polybush have said that they will make a set up if they get a minimum of 10 orders.

Before I look into this, does anyone know of anywhere to get bushes for the 96 and if not, are there nine other people here who fancy swapping their bushes for a nice set of nylon ones?!  
05/09/2006 22:14:56   David   I've been watching a discussion on another forum re V4 bushes - a very experienced person on there (I should know who he is) recommends nylon, not poly, and can get nylon bushes. It's also thought that MG Midget (or AH Sprite) front suspension bushes are the same size as V4 ones, so don't be conned into paying for a new set to be made up for the Saab. Try giving the bush sizes to the company and ask them to match them to something they already have in stock. New rubber bushes are available for the rear axle centre bush - it's just a little challenging tracking them down!  
05/09/2006 22:16:09   David   PS: Nylon and Polyurethane are two completely different materials - don't confuse them.  
06/09/2006 13:07:05   Adam   Hi Guys, I spoke to Sonnet (Dave - motorsport chap at SOC) and he can indeed get a nearly full set of nylon bushes. I am not too keen to go with nylon as they are very hard. Ideal for track racing probably but not what I am after. Indeed Poly comes in differing grades (Durometer?) and I understand that some bushes are available in a softer durometer (typically blue) for older classic cars.

My next stage is indeed to take the measurements and see who can match what up. Once I know the corresposnding parts to other vehcile bushes (some will have to be made I expect, I will be sure to share the knowledge!

As I dont fancy taking my syspention apart at this very minute does anyone have easiliy accessible parts they can measure up?

Thanks for the input fellas.  
06/09/2006 19:31:17   Woody   I have a two full sets of top/bottom bushes - standard and the Sport & Rally version. The latter is recommended to be used with teflon washers as under rough conditions the rubber bushes move in their mounts. Will dig them out for the reference Nos/dimensions.  

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