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08/09/2006 12:50:47   VeeFour   After a full service, including tappet adjustment, of my 1972 V4 96 by my local garage the engine has developed a dry squeek from the nearside rocker bank. This has been traced to insufficient oil reaching the rocker gear and, despite thorough flushing of the engine and trying another oil filter, the problem persists. Has anyone out there experienced this problem and, if so, how did they solve it? The engine has only done 81k and only about 5k in the last 8 years.  
08/09/2006 15:38:06   Stefan   why not remove the rocker shaft and investigate further. Maybe some tiny passage in the shaft or nearby region is clogged by something?  
08/09/2006 20:28:50   Woody   Remove Rocker shaft to inspect oil feed hole from the central bearing of camshaft. You should be able to see the groove in the cam. If not then further investigation is needed. It would also be good to strip the rockershaft to see the condition of the shaft and the internal surfaces of rocker arm barrel. They can wear and if too bad will need replacement.  

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