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04/06/2003 07:49:26   John   I need to instal some rear seat belts in my 1972 96 V4. Has anyone ideas on the best sort of inertia belts to use,where to get them etc. and any snags I may come across. Thank you  
04/06/2003 08:44:07   Alec   I would love to hear how you get on with this. I have static 3 point belts in the back of mine and they are a real pain!  
04/06/2003 13:02:45   John   Alec, I've just spoken with Nick at Saab Restoration Co. he says almost impossible to successfully fit inertia belts in the rear. He suggests static belts as the best/only viable option. Looks like we're stuck with it.  
04/06/2003 21:24:57   louis   I have an engenier friend who works in CERN in geneva (European Nuclear Research Centre) He has done such mods to strange cars, I'll keep you informed...  
06/06/2003 14:48:33   John   Louis, thank you for your interest, but I'm going to have to do something sooner rather than later, so I guess it will be trial and error.  
08/06/2003 21:59:46   John   Have installed the static belts today, a bit fiddly but they went in relatively easily once I had located the fixing points- on the floor under rear seat and in the wall behind the rear seat back. They seem comfortable and practical.  

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