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08/06/2003 20:24:51   louis   Hello all V4 & Saab fans!
I have a technical problem, I was about to change my front discs and stone guards when I realised that I was not going to be able to undo the 33 mm nut on the hubs, I can stop the car moving about even chocked it moves out! I even tried putting the wrench on and trying to use the force of the engine to get it to move: no way it split a 25 mm thick bar like a twig! Any suggestions (not take to the local garage of course).
Many thanx
09/06/2003 12:42:57   Richard   Yep good arn't they. I have broken a number of spaners doing this. You seem to be having more of a problem than most. I chock the car leave it in gear with all four wheels still on, spray the bolt with supertroll, attach spaner and an extension bar and stand on the bar (jump a bit to get it started). You could try heating the nut to get expansion as the old could have seized to the thread, this combined with the high torque usually causes the problem. Use high temp grease on threads when re-assembling ( CV joint grease/graphite grease etc).  
10/06/2003 21:57:12   louis   Hey! It pays to post messages on this site! Many thanx Richard! I hadn't thought of heating them, I now remember having a tough time removing the rear hubs on my ex (dont tease) Volvo 360 glt and getting them off after a little blow lamp treatment!
Thanx, thanx, thanx...  
11/06/2003 18:41:11   Alec   I have used a scaffold pole on the end of a meaty socket set before now to move these!  

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