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08/06/2003 22:05:15   John   I'd like to put an ordinary (not a special) Weber carb on the above to replace the one Saab originally fitted. Can anyone tell me what type/model I need supplier price etc., whether it's compatible with the automatic choke and whether I need any special adapter etc. And, importantly, is it a straight forward job.
With thanks in advance.  
09/06/2003 07:53:46   Richard   What most people fit is the weber 34 ICH which fits on to the std inlet manifold, you do need to convert to a manual choke, but this is simple to fit. Try a Saab specialist as they are a common replacement so someone will have one and will probably be able to supply the manual choke convertion.  
09/06/2003 08:28:19   Alec   I do remember seeing a 96 with what I think was a weber on that still had auto choke. Anyone shine any light on this?  
09/06/2003 15:36:27   John   Richard, thanks for the info. on the Weber 34ICH.
Does anyone know of fitting a Weber and retaining the auto choke as Alec suggests. Thanks.  
10/06/2003 07:55:49   Richard   Back again!!!! The v4 was fitted with a Solex 32 PDSIT-4 from 1967-68 which has an auto choke.
The 1597cc Ford XR3 was fitted with a 34 DATR which has an auto choke, but I don't have any details as to what type of carb this is ie. single or twin choke and what pcd the flange has.
The other option may be a 32 IBF from the 1500cc Escort/Orion range, but again dont know if this has autochoke or what pcd it has.  
10/06/2003 10:18:04   John   Richard thanks for the update.  
10/06/2003 17:10:22   Richard   Am I going stupid or something? The 34 DATR will probably be a Twin choke 34 that opens together. I think the D tells you its a twin.  
10/06/2003 20:07:01   John   Richard, thanks I would not not have known that. My quest is just to look at the viability of replacing the Fomoco carb. with a standard Weber if the job is neither too complicated nor costly so I like your first suggestion best. Thank you.  
10/06/2003 22:21:55   louis   Why not upgrade if you're changing anyway? Go for something juicy!
Richard think you're right the D is twin choke...  
11/06/2003 13:14:36   John   Thanks for the suggestion Loius, but it sounds a bit too adventurous for me.
you mention the Weber 34 ICH, do you have any knowledge of a part no. as I'm told there are differences even within the model. Thanks.  
11/06/2003 15:39:50   Richard   Mine was second hand so unless it is stampted on there I will not be able to find out. To be honest you are probably best getting a clean looking second hand carb off a Saab specialist, it will save you alot of money. There is not much to go wrong with these units they are not like the FoMoCo, you can pull them apart and back together again in 10 mins. Simple is nearly always the best!  
14/06/2003 14:45:38   John   With thanks for all suggestions. I've probably got enough to go on with for the time. Regards, John  
30/06/2003 21:49:04   jake   the weber carb on my v4 has the following info on it weber tipo 34ICH 1-250 I got it years ago brand new from a freind , he told me it was for a ford cortina but was not used so that could be a source to try it takes about half an hour to fit it and the manual choke is dead easy all you need is an after market cable i dont have the standard air filter on i'm not shure if it fits so you have to re do the breather pipes from the rocker covers i have a two into one set up into the carb base plate all the best jake  
01/07/2003 08:19:23   Richard   Yes the std filter box does fit. And you would be best fitting the breather pipes as Saab intended. If you look the two breater take off points from the rocker covers are two different sizes. The smaller goes to the inlet manifold where there is more vacuum hence smaller pipe. The larger to the air filter, less vacuum and bigger pipe.
If you are building a full blown race/rally engine, replace the rocker take offs with larger ones and take the breather pipes to a seperate catch tank. This is done as oil vapour in the intake causes pinking. I know Saab say it is fine as is, but with the big filter boxes they used the problem would have been limited.  
05/06/2004 10:55:41   cassandra jones   Hi Im looking for a reconditioned gearbox for my 96 v4 any ideas.

06/06/2004 13:22:18   David   Cass - suggest you move this question to a new thread as it won't be noticeable amongst all the carb talk!! Try Highgate Saab as they can put you in touch with Chris Partington ("Mr Saab Gearboxes").  

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