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11/06/2003 16:04:47   dhPaul   Having recently acquired a 77 96V4, I noticed initially that the indicators don't self cancel. When I owned one in my youth I thought they did self cancel. Last night I found that pulling the indicator arm in didn't cause the headlight flasher to work, nor with the lights on could I get main beam. I haven't investigated further but it suggests to me I may need a new indicator/flasher arm.

Any thoughts on this? If I am right is fitting a replacement a simple enough job, I have an Autobooks manual which doesn't really seem to cover this.  
11/06/2003 16:39:57   Richard   The units break up with use over the years. It is a replacement job, but you may be able to araldite the broken plastic parts so the copper contacts do their job. You can check this by removing the little stork covers without removing the units, the outer white casing should not flex.
They are easy to replace, just make a note of where the wires go and dont get another naff one as they are common.  

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