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11/06/2003 18:20:07   Jojnkd1   I have just been told that the timing chain on my saab 9-5 has gone and will have to be replaced at the cost of about 1600 plus VAT.The car has been serviced at the appropriate time .
Has any one out there got the same problem? If yes can you share your experience with me
11/06/2003 18:35:30   Alec   These web pages are really for V4 owners - I suggest you try SAAB Central.  
12/06/2003 08:00:59   Richard   Could sell it and get a 95 V4 for that money, I know which I would have, and you can carry 7 people and a couple of dogs in it and still have room for a small boat on the roof.  
29/06/2003 19:54:44   Senor Burt   Eh? My 95 doesn't have a timing chain..... Oh, he means a _Vauxhall_ 9-5  
21/01/2004 17:56:06   mickie   My car had problem with timing chain, its 95SE 2.0 LPT 1997 R reg. the Wimbledon Saab garage said it would cost about 2000 to replace damn thing! this car has done only 48000 so far. Didnt think saab cars are so unreliable. I'm really p.. off at the moment. the car has been serviced regularly at Viking Saab.  
21/01/2004 18:42:56   Alec   Trouble with 9-5's is that you have to take the complete engine and box out unlike other SAAB models.  
21/01/2004 20:26:35   jake   you might have gessed by now we v4 type are a bit protective of our v4 saabs and as far as we are concerned you 9-5 chaps don't actully own a saab even if it does say it on the bonnet if you took it of and put a ferrari badge on it as far as we v4 types are concernd if would be just as much a ferrari as it is a saab that is just the way it is i'm not saying they are bad cars i also have a vaxhall 900s 1997 and i would not ask anything at all on these pages about the car alec is quite right there are other arenas for these models p.s is anyone interested in a trip to sweden in april 2005 ?  
21/01/2004 20:39:13   James Ayres   I thought Saab stopped making cars once the v4 production stopped! What's all this 9-5 stuff? Is there a 9-6 as well? I'm very confused!!!  
22/01/2004 20:42:42   David   Now, now, folks, don't let's get too "close-minded" over the Saab logo. As a family that has 3 95V4s (admittedly one of them is just about to be cut up) plus a 9-3 diesel (do I hear gasps of "heretic"? - I don't care - it goes like the proverbial and does 45mpg!) that does about 30K+ miles a year on business (the V4s would never handle that) AND a 9-5 Aero HOT auto estate as our family car, I am only too happy to be identified with the Saab logo. The V4s generate a lot of interest - 2 of them are parked in our drive and rarely fail to raise comment from passers-by. Most are complimentary although one old biddy always asks me "have you still got those old wrecks?" My reply is usually polite and to the point that at least they still work! Several people have offered me spares and last week one young chap (about mid-twenties) asked me if they were 2-strokes. When I asked him how he knew that there were 2-stroke variants he replied that a local owner (I know him) had run over him with a stroker when he was a small child!!! So, overall, they do provoke comment and long may it last. Anyone who has ever driven one of the latest 9-5s (and I suspect that most of the "GM-bashers" haven't been near one) will know how comfortable they are on long journeys and just how damn quick they are! They are different from the run of the mill Beemers, Mercs and Audis (anyone can buy one of them!) and single out their owners as being different - stylish, perceptive and appreciative of good design, I like to think! On the other hand, I love my old V4s and am also looking for a 99EMS - if I can't find one of those I may have to settle for a 99 Turbo or even a "new-fangled" C900 Turbo!! End of sermon.

22/01/2004 22:11:48   James Ayres   Methinks the lady doth protest too much!  
22/01/2004 22:45:43   David   Funny how these threads develop ............. "each to his own self be true" (I may have got that wrong!). I do enjoy browsing these forums ... spend far too much time on line when I should be (a) working on the V4s or (b) painting the house or (c) sleeping. For Jake - working on the idea of a trip to Sweden myself - Trollhatten of course - sometime, either in a Saab (Harwich-Esbjerg then drive across the new bridge) or by air/train (cheaper and quicker). Has to be a must-do (pilgrimage) for Saab-nuts?  
23/01/2004 17:16:18   Alistair   Well you all know by now how I like my VauxSaab as much as V4s - and Alec also has a very unusual VauxSaab so we (you!) should be more tolerant!  
23/01/2004 21:30:40   James Ayres   I actually don't think it's a question of tolerance. It's more a question of GSOH! Most of us, who love our v4s for their individuality an quirkiness, also have modern cars. My modern car is a Hyundai coupe 2.0 SE which I also love and think it's a great car. I have had it since new and it never misses a beat and has clocked up 93,000 without one problem. However, hardly a day goes by without someone chatting to me about the v4 - that will never happen to you in a modern car!!! Viva la differance...  
23/01/2004 21:31:45   James Ayres   ps I also have a 1966 Volvo 122s (amazon) which provokes the same emotion in passers by!  
24/01/2004 00:43:02   Alistair   GSOH acknowledged mate ;-), I was just trying to bait you boys the way you've baited me, and hopefully will continue to do so until I have another V4 on the drive!!
25/01/2004 11:58:53   David   Come on Al - get your finger out and find a V4. then we can all stop giving you a hard time! (PS: my brown '74 95V4 may be for sale later in the spring - but only so I can fund the purchase of a stroker or a 99 (or both!) - I'm sure I could do you a good deal!)  
25/01/2004 17:32:39   Senor Burt   Mmmm brown 95! Nice!
I thought yer dad was giving you a 96 Alistair?  
26/01/2004 15:47:20   Alistair   There's still a plan to adopt one of Philpott Snr's cars but I need to make garage space first. Also toying with a cheap & cheerful one for track days, but we'll have to see. I'm good at not doing stuff...  

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