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12/06/2003 08:44:46   Alec   Are many of you coming to the SOC National weekend at Newark in July?
I would love to meet up with as many of you as possible and hopefully get some group V4 pictures for the site.
I will be there all weekend as I am camping (caravan).
12/06/2003 14:41:48   Richard   Yes should be running some model car racing there. I will bring the rally car and maybe the road car.  
13/06/2003 00:39:22   Tom   Wish i could be there to meet people, but i'm away on holiday.  
17/06/2003 14:07:27   Tom k   I'll be there, and maybe in my V4 if l get the welding done in time oh and if it passes it's MOT!
I'll try my best to get it ready in time!  
18/06/2003 10:06:33   Alec   Looks like I may not be camping now. If not I will come as a day visitor, probably on the Sunday although I could change that to suit those that will be coming.
26/06/2003 12:01:14   Alistair Philpott   I'll be there, still ready to receive much ribbing!  
27/06/2003 08:11:30   Richard   I will not take the mick, honest. Come on you can borrow the old mans car for the day....Anyway what is the reason you have not got a V4 anymore? There as cheap as chips at the moment.  
01/07/2003 23:18:37   Alistair Philpott   Well I did take Philpott Snr's Souvenir to the Billing national, not quite sure if/how we're going to manage it this year.

Why no V4? Time, space, young family (and soon to be expanding further), me running an expensive main car, missus redirecting all surplus funds into house refurb rather than restoring a toy for Al, etc etc. One day...

Trouble is, I have had a master plan for years but it will involve lots of time and finance to complete. It's all about a really subtle 95, possibly dorado brown/verona green or similar potentially dull colour, on the verge of scruffy, but solid, that truly goes like stink. And Senor Burt seems to be beating me to it!! (though looks like you intend for yours to be a tidy one :-) )  
02/07/2003 07:55:28   Richard   I have a master plan. Space frame 96 with full race v6 and rear rads. Fibreglass doors rear quarter panels, bonnet and boot. The missing link is the gearbox, but a hewland might fit. The other trick is to build a metal frame around the std gearbox that picks up on the stress points on the casing to stop case flex and do something about the pinion bearings.
Or the ultimate is to get the engine and transmission of a scooby and make a 4wd rally 96.
When I get time, space, money etc.........  
08/07/2003 12:24:40   Richard   Ok I am bringing a bent rally car. Busy hammering the left front wing and valance into shape. At least she broke the railings of the bridge I hit and we only lost about 10 seconds! Yes Saabs are good for rallying, take shrubs and small trees out of the ground too!  
10/07/2003 00:44:32   Alistair   You trying to get me a divorce?!!?!  
10/07/2003 08:51:27   Alec   If you do alistair, make sure you come out of it with enough money to buy a nice car!  
10/07/2003 12:26:35   Richard   Go on holiday to Egypt and sell the wife, that way you make money (or end up with a heard of cammels, which you can start a novelty cammel ride service around York and rake in more cash). This is a better option than divorce. If you need any more advice in life you know there is someone here to listen.......  
14/07/2003 10:55:58   helen moss   Hi Alec,

Can not SOC members come along? Id like to bring my 1667 96 deluxe down or will i be ostracised as a non believer?
Im looking for a couple of spares.
cheers H
15/07/2003 08:33:31   Alec   Helen,
All SAAB Owners (and even non-Owners) are welcome. What day are you thinking of going. It is certain now that I am only going for the day (Sunday), and would love to see your car.  
19/07/2003 22:08:08   David   Hey, Senor Burt - nice site!! Gives me lots of hope for the (very slow) progress I'm making on my 2 95V4s. As Alistair knows, I've recently acquired the second one and I now have offers of 3 more more-or-less complete ones that I'm going to find very hard to turn down. Luckily I know a local farmer (and Saab fanatic - has 4 96 strokers and a 96 V4 in Rally trim) who will let me store them in his large barn for a few quid a week so (a) the driveway won't become too much of a scrapyard (my wife's words) and (b) divorce might be delayed a while! Good news is that she has consented to have a towbar fitted to her 9-5 Aero estate (my 9-3 TiD is a lease car so has to go back eventually) so I can go and collect lots of other 95s from all over the country. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Not going to make it to the National this year as planned. Brown 95 (aka Mem-Saab) not fit for MoT after all - too much welding, too little time. Instead I'll be playing with my other passion - helicopters - at the Weston-super-Helidays that weekend. So, if anyone really really can't make it to the National and you're in the Somerset/Bristol area, come along to see the aircraft and chat. But you should really try to get to the National as your first priority ........... next year I hope to have at least one 95 there and hopefully 2.  
20/07/2003 17:04:37   Senor Burt   1667 eh? That's quite an early model. Is it horse drawn?
But almost seriously folks. There will be much opportunity to purchase spares. What are you after? Almost everyone has a shed(or barn) full of SAAB bits. Personally I've got a garage, shed and outside lavvy packed with cars and bits. I may have those elusive components you seek.  
15/07/2004 16:43:59   cassandra jones   Hi
Im having my gearbox rebuilt, Im need to replace two main bearings any ideas where I can get these from.
Im on my bike at the mo been without car for wonks (96 v4)
would be eternally grateful

All the best

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