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13/06/2003 16:39:29   Nick   I posted a similar query a while ago and tried the solutions suggested. I have drained, flushed out etc the rad system but still not much heat coming out. It has been suggested that the heater thermostat might be at fault but not sure how to access this. There is still a wire from the heater valve (which is working fine)that dissapears into the heater box. Any suggestions so I don't have to drive this winter with my wooley hat and gloves on!!  
14/06/2003 11:09:57   Senor Burt   Have you bled the system? Open up the brass tap on the side of the heater box with the heater on full and rev the engine a bit until a steady stream come out. Then close it.
The wire that disappears into the heater box is the thermostat wire. Check that the heater valve is opening correctly.  
18/06/2003 09:30:07   Nick   I have tried all you've suggested but I guess there is a problem with the thermostat inside the heater box. The valve is opening fully and water is circulating well. Will I need to replace the thermostat? If so is it a straight forward job to pull the heater box apart?  
23/06/2003 18:35:26   louis   I had the hot - cold valve (bottom front of heater unit) brake inside which ment the flap would not move when the dash control was actuated. The difference was that mine was stuck on hot!  
24/06/2003 13:52:32   steve h   The valve is under the plastic cover on the front of the fan/heater box and you can get at it by undoing 4 screws. can you see it operating when you move the dash lever? does it get hot when apparently open? Normally you should only need to replace this when they leak after a long period of being stored dry but if all else fails... Highgates supplied mine.  

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