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26/06/2003 12:39:13   Nick   Hi all. I have just had my knocking CV joints from my 96 reconditioned and they are working beautifully and smoothly so I thought I'd let you all know where to go if you need yours done. Call Bob at Driveshaft UK, Unit 4, Victoria Buildings, Newhall Street, Willenhall. WV13 1LQ Tel/Fax: 01902 602100  
26/06/2003 12:44:20   Alistair Philpott   Roughly how much did this cost, Nick?  
26/06/2003 12:59:25   Nick   Because I needed it done quickly they arranged for my old one to be picked up (cost about 11 for that) It was couriered back to me the next day. Total bill including VAT, courier, boot kit was 66.98 but at least I now have a CV joint that will be solid for many years to come. They even repainted it for me! Excellent service alround and highly recommended  
26/06/2003 13:13:47   Alistair Philpott   Thanks, so about 55 a side then, excluding freight costs. Not too bad I guess.  

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