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01/07/2003 19:37:19   John   Exhaust rusting so I'm thinking of fitting a stainles steel complete system. Will I get one, including the transfer box ( and where is the best value/availability) and is it something a relative novice can fit? Anyone any experience of this please.  
01/07/2003 23:46:03   Alistair Philpott   Fitting is fairly straightforward, provided you can be trusted to wield a spanner and ratchet you should be fine.

Not sure of best value, others may be able to help there, but there is a firm that advertises in the SOC Driver mag called Sterling Exhausts Ltd 01341 241 281. They offer a significant discount to SOC members.  
02/07/2003 07:45:55   Richard   Front down pipes can be a bit tricky. Make sure you get the car high enough off the ground, or you have to pull the assembly back behined the sump to achive room to extract/replace the assembly.
Make sure you have the car on stands if you are going underneath.  
02/07/2003 10:12:45   John   Alistair & Richard,
many thanks for tips. John  
02/07/2003 10:12:53   John   Alistair & Richard,
many thanks for tips. John  
02/07/2003 14:15:49   steve h   Or you could become a wide boy and fit a highgates twin pipe special (250)  
03/07/2003 08:00:52   John   Steve H.
Thanks, not sure about the twin pipe. I think I'll be at the edge of my mechanical limits fitting a conventional system.  
07/07/2003 13:59:09   steve h   I have to say having fitted both that the twin pipe, although it takes longer (twice as long strangely enough), is actually easier to fit as you dont have negotiate in the front box and then repair all the hoses it cuts as you struggle to get it in. When you get it right, it goes in straight away. I just always seem to get it wrong 100 times before the way I had originally tried the first time suddenly seem to work.  
08/07/2003 08:34:32   Alec   The easiest solution is probably the JETEX exhaust. You don't have the awkward front box to deal with but is single pipe and fits well. (Sounds nice too!)
08/07/2003 10:13:05   Nick Ayliffe   I am thinking of installing the Jetex system, does it improve power noticeably?  
09/07/2003 13:10:37   John   Alec, are you saying that the Jetex exhaust does away with the need to have the front transfer box. I'd be interested in knowing more. Many thanks.  
09/07/2003 13:10:50   steve h   If I remember correctly, it is supposed to offer a 60% improvement in gas flow and even if it doesn't actually go faster, it feels easier breathing. When I had one I ended up fitting a bigger oval rear silencer to quiet it down a bit. The standard one can tend to make it sound like a boy racer escort. The twin pipe is also noisy but deeper in tone and with a V engine offbeat. More TVR or aero engine than Kevin's escort.  
09/07/2003 13:14:44   steve h   Answering for Alec, yes it does. The down pipes join at a flat Y then head to the rear via a long glass pack silencer to a rear siencer in the normal place in the rear wheel arch.  
10/07/2003 00:42:03   Alistair   Don't know about the Jetex/Simons systems specifically, but general wisdom used to be that a free flowing exhauston an otherwise standard engine would deliver 2-3bhp (don't get too excited now!) From my experience of running Jetex systems on a V4 and a 99, they do greatly improve the breathing and the real benefit is mid-range torque with a small increase in top-end power. They don't have a reputation for longevity however.  
10/07/2003 08:56:26   Alec   As stated, yes, the front section is sort of a Y pipe and is in 3 pieces so much easier to fit. The noise is not too over the top for normal use and the car definately feels more lively with this exhaust. I found an increase in top speed by a couple of MPH as well. She will just touch 97 on a good straight run now.
I did have one before on my car and it lasted for many years so probaly about the same life as a standard SAAB exhaust.
I do keep meaning to write an article on fitting this system as I took a few pictures when I did it. I will try and do this soon (famous last words!).

10/07/2003 09:12:01   John   Some first class ideas from my initial question. Many thanks to all contributors.  
10/07/2003 09:13:07   John   Alec, would be interested in your notes if they get to press in the near future.  
11/07/2003 12:32:09   Nick Ayliffe   I will now probably be fitting one of the Jetex systems when I have the time, I will take some photos and submit to this site too. I have just had a standard new system installed so if anyone is after a near new exhaust system (minus front manifold section) let me know!  

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