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02/07/2003 13:38:19   Alistair   I've been trying to find out about innovative brake upgrades for V4s and have so far drawn a blank. All I know of are the old S&R practices of:

Competition pads (Ferodo DS11s or Mintex M1113s)
Bending of disc splashguard to scoop cool air towards disc & aid cooling
Smaller bore rear wheel cylinders to increase bias to rear
Bravery & large gonads to keep foot (either one!!) off the middle pedal...!!!

Does anyone have anything else they can share?

02/07/2003 14:12:16   steve h   I have never managed to fade v4 brakes. Does it ever happen on the road or is it only a symptom of left foot rally braking stuff?  
02/07/2003 14:18:19   Alistair   I used to regularly run out of brakes on long hill descents (may have been avoided with freewheel disengaged!). Horseshoe pass from Llangollen to Minera was a prime example. Also, and more frequently, under "enthusiastic" driving, even before I learned how to left-foot...but I've already been described as an "animal" on these pages so it's probably no surprise!!

A few people have contacted me with a similar question recently, at least one of which is for rallying, hence the reason for raising the topic on this forum.  
02/07/2003 17:07:03   Richard   On the road I use old AP pads which are similar to OE Saab pads. Certain pads including one or two of the mintex normal road pads (most common at autojumbles) fade on hills etc. Saab released a warning update sheet to garages in th 1970's warning that these pads and others are unsuitable for UK use (I have a copy).
On the other hand Mintex competition pads are great. Mintex 1144 fast road are the best pads to use from their range and are very good for rallying with fast warm up times. I have never managed to fade them on stages with nearly full power held on with a shed load of left foot at the same time.
I dont run any dust shields at all, bending them in my opinion just make them into stone collectors (quick way to get grooved disks).
For historic rallying this is all you can do as you have to run period items. You could play with brake cylinders or run better rear shoe matterial to gain extra rear end braking (a must for the loose). I run ferrodo am8 on the rear. Dont forget to re-build the braking system and use a high dot rated brake fluid if competing.
If you do your home work you can probably get better calipers to fit, I thing some guy in the states with a Sonnet has done this.  
03/07/2003 09:21:19   Richard   Jack Lawrence in the US did a four pot convertion, go to Vsaab site and in their links there is a classic Saab racing group, see yellow Sonnet 3.
Wilwood provided the calipers.  
03/07/2003 13:44:06   Alistair   Nice one, thanks Richard.  

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