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02/07/2003 23:10:23   graeme   i am thinking of fitting new lever-type shocks to my 1975 95. is this an easy job? any dos, don'ts or other advice would be welcome. also does anyone know a reliable supplier, pref in London area.  
09/07/2003 18:13:41   ian   New lever arm shocks come without the 'dog-bone' links. Ideally you should measure the angle between the link and the arm. I'm not certain what the angle would have been set at when new, but I've vaue recollections of seeing a diagram with the information on it. The link is secured to the arm with a large tapered pin similar to one on a track-rod end which after 30+ years can be a real pig to separate.

I've heard stories of owners using heavier grade oils to good effect to firm-up the ride.

I was told that the units used on 95's are not suitable for reconditioning. Does anyone know different?
10/07/2003 00:47:03   Alistair   I've heard of recon'd lever arm shocks for 95s but no idea who would do it. Also heard of the heavier oil trick, it's supposed to be very effective. No direct experience however...  
18/07/2003 17:33:08   graeme   thanks for the advice re: shocks, guys. Will have a look at your website Senor Burt.  
19/07/2003 22:21:44   David   If you really want to get your rear lever-arm shocks reconditioned you could try Martin Mosley at - they're near Derby and have a specialist Classic Car department; very helpful people. I spoke to him recently and he offers a 5-day return service for around 35 per shock + VAT. Having suffered lever-arms on my old MGBT (many years ago) I rather like the look of the conversion detailed on Senor Burt's site.  
20/07/2003 16:59:11   Senor Burt   So what's the weak point in the Koni conversion? I certainly don't want it failing on me. It ceratinly could be fairly hazardous. The shock is only held on at the botton by an M12 bolt, so I would have though that if the bolt on the old backplate is at least as strong and welded on, the top mount would be strong enough. It would also be simple to reinforce the backplate if that is the weak point.
Ashcraft's kit seems quite expensive, especially after shipping from the US plus tax. If it includes shocks though it doesn't seem too bad. (Does it?)  
21/07/2003 12:13:23      
28/07/2003 15:49:49   Alistair   Talking to Nigel Bailey at Newark he told me he'd found someone to recon & uprate the lever arms on his v. nice green 95L. I know they are in Leicester and only charged about 35 but I can't remember the name of the firm. Will try to track down...  
29/07/2003 07:53:38   Richard   I've got some cart springs and 1920's wooden friction dampers and they are adjustable!  

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