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09/07/2003 22:26:20   simon   Dear fellow enthusiasts,
Please help:
My 1977 V4 96 has been cooking condensors and rendering them useless after about 12 miles per unit, pionts also pitted and coil constantly hot. Today I fitted a transistorised system which replaces the condensor. This has stoped the coil from getting hot but the transistorised unit itself gets so hot it cuts out (after about 1m40sec) untill cool again. What can be going on here? All of the wiring seems to be correct, while I have replaced the coil, the HT leads, dist cap, rotor arm, pionts and plugs all to no avail. Please help if you have ever had a similar condition, for I am currently lost on this. Many thanks. S.  
10/07/2003 00:50:29   Alistair   Sounds like something is shorting or there is much less resistance in the LT circuit than there should be, so drawing a higher than normal current & generating the heat. No idea where to look though. One thought - if you have access to another car which is OK, try using a multimeter to measure current in the various links of the circuits & compare the two cars?  
10/07/2003 01:35:49   simon   Thank you for your trouble there Alistair,
I have attempted to reduce the current in the LT circuit with various resisters but all of these attempts proved unsatisfactory (even the lowest resisters taking too much current away and thus not firing). I like the comparison test idea; unfortunately my only other V4 was recently striped & crushed due to lack of floor pan, sills etc.  
10/07/2003 02:34:00   Alistair   Better get hold of a mate's car to compare against then! Good luck, bit of a weird problem that one.  
10/07/2003 10:38:00   simon   Weird is a kind word Alistair but very appropriate. I'll be pulling my brains out today. Update on success? - tonight.  
10/07/2003 12:35:47   Richard   First check that you have the correct condenser for the dizzy, the points will burn as a result of the condeser going. If they are OK you need to check that the altinator is not over 'volting' it should be between 12-14.5V across the output.  
10/07/2003 13:38:54   steve h   I melted my ignition once by forgetting to reattach the earth strap to the engine block from the battery pan so all the earthing was running through the ignition transistor. Try checking your earthing and charging circuits.

Otherwise... not a clue.  
10/07/2003 15:51:55   simon   Gentlemen,
Thank you very much for your inputs here.
I have isolated the problem! The coil or rather 2 coils, both faulty!
What is it with me and coils - once had to be pushed off the hovercraft at Calais (much to the amusement of the crew) when a coil had gone in my old (hesitate to say it here) Mercedes. Ho hum. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  
16/07/2003 11:08:32   john   Believe it or not i am having problems finding a coil here in Ghent, nowhere stocks them anymore!!!! I have one other dealer to try.  
16/07/2003 14:03:12   steve   As far as Im aware, they are all pretty much the same. just buy the cheapest or best depending on the depth of your pocket. All it has to do is fit in the bracket and even if it is too small (like mine), you can pack it.  

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